1. Praying for my husband or wife…
Build a spirit of sacrificial love in me toward my life partner.
Teach me to love my wife today the same way Jesus loves me.
Bless my spouse today with your richest blessing in Christ Jesus.
Provide the spiritual needs of my spouse in a way that glorifies You.
Teach both of us to trust your Word without compromise.
Help me keep be faithful to the covenant I made with my eyes.
Give them confidence to trust Your Word without exception.
Cover them with a hedge of protection.
Meet their unstated needs.
Give them a powerful resistance to sin.
Give me ears to hear what they’re really saying.
May they get healthier everyday.
Give them joy to match the joy they bring the family.
Give them a healthy doctor’s report.
Thank you for using them to fill my missing parts.
Thank you for one more day to love them.
Encourage them with your Word.
May they grow closer to You today.
Go before them and prepare the way.
Strengthen their step today.
Extend their loving influence.
Enhance my hearing to listen to them.
Bless them for the way they’ve blessed others.
Lead them toward righteous paths.
Bless them for the way they’ve blessed me.
Carry them where they can’t go on their own.
Flood their life with joy.
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2. Praying for my Children…
Protect them from trouble unless in so doing you’re preparing them to serve you.
Lead my children in paths of righteousness and keep them from straying too far.
Protect my kids today, but do what’s necessary to train them to make decisions based on your Word.
Lead my children to learn a gentler, more teachable spirit.
Remind my children of Scripture as they contemplate action today.
Grant my children a healthy appetite for your Word.
Limit their dependence on things that pass away.
Instill in them godly role models.
Enlarge their vision to honor You.
Carry them when they can’t stand on their own.
Replace their fear with with confidence in your Word.
Grow righteousness in them like a flower points to the sun.
Make your Word come alive in their life.
Give them a renewed thirst for Scripture.
Direct their steps to parallel Yours.
May they never feel alone or unloved.
Give them pure thoughts.
Break down the snares that might trip them up.
Give them a heart for your Word.
Lead them where You desire.
Give them godly goals.
Teach them to listen to your Word.
Help them see things as You do.
Keep them from making wrong choices today.
Remind them of your love for them.
Affirm to them Your ownership.
Sound mind to make godly choices.
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3. Praying for Schools…
Keep those of bad influence from teaching in our schools.
Make our schools platforms for learning virtue and practicing it.
Give our kids a heart for God that is unapologetic.
Build strong character in our school kids.
Teach our children character as much as knowledge.
Don’t allow self-centered religious leaders into schools to teach hypocrisy.
Return educators to moral principles, rejecting political pressure not to do it.
Turn back the secular worldview focus
Help them make godly choices.
Return a spirit of integrity to our schools.
Protect the halls and keep those who walk there safe.
Embarrass and defeat those who try to revise history to their liking.
Seal the leaks that allow sin to creep in.
Take away distractions that separate students from You.
May the curriculum being used be virtuous.
May they learn everything, especially the things to reject.
Guard over those who wait for buses.
May the influence of schools be a positive one.
Prevent sin from entering the door.
Frustrate NewAge educators.
Expel false teaching.
Teach truth and not baised opinions.
Protect those who go in and go out
Give the staff wisdom to deal with disobedience.
Weed out ungodly influence and replace it with Your Word
Make is a safe place for students and teachers.
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4. Praying for Teachers …
Grant boldness to godly teachers to speak the truth, even when threatened for doing so.
Protect those whose passion is to teach what is right in Your eyes
Bless godly teachers richly as they serve you and not man.
Build strong character in teachers who are mature and wise.
Give my children teachers with godly character.
Bless the teachers who instruct by godly principles rather than secular humanistic values.
Help them reject any teaching that contradicts Your Word.
Give them desire to do what You say is right.
Quieten those who discredit You.
Create a thirst for righteousness in their life.
Give them a zeal for truth even as they go against those who don’t.
Crown the godly teachers with good reputation.
Open their eyes to curriculum that speaks lies.
Protect those who deliver truth and reject deception.
May they utilize their time wisely and teach the same thing.
Reward richly those who serve for so little.
May they show no partiality to students.
May their instruction be sound and correct.
May truth alone be what they teach.
Give them godly examples for their lessons.
Extend the influence of godly ones.
Give them honest, reliable sources to cite.
Protect those who go in and go out.
Create safe classrooms for them to teach.
Create desire in them to build-up and not demean.
Give them passion for truth, not manipulation.
Give them passion to make passionate learners.
Develop their spiritual vision.
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5. Praying for my Children’s Friends …
Teach my kids to stand alone in spite of the influence of ungodly friends.
Give my children godly friends who are committed to do what is right in Your eyes.
Protect my kids from the bad influence of other kids.
Protect my children from so-called friends who influence them in the wrong way.
Protect my kids from taking advice from ungodly friends.
Lead them in the path of righteousness, helping them stand when their friends won’t do so.
Use godly friends to condemn sin my children embrace.
Overshadow their bad influence godly aspiration.
May they see Your hand in their life.
Give them genuine respect for truth.
May they be a good example of virtue.
Lead them to a relationship with Jesus.
May their influence be a positive one.
Keep them from secret sin.
Expose the bad influence to our kids so we don’t have to.
Make my kids only make a bond with good kids.
Win them with random acts of kindness.
Make them edifying and not condemning.
Render grace to my kids and others through them.
Give them a virtuous best friend.
Shine Your light on their steps.
Create close bond with those who know You.
May their influence be virtuous.
Use them to remind my kids of their godly heritage.
Build godly character in them.
Teach them to respect boundaries.
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6. Praying for my Friends …
Teach me how to be a good friend toward another person today.
Help me be a friend to the friendless and faithful to those who befriend me.
Help me be a true and loyal friend today.
Build a spirit of mutual cooperation between myself and a friend.
Teach me how to be a good friend to another person today.
Give me an opportunity to make a new friend today and lead me.
Teach us to live reciprocally according to Scripture.
Bless those who bless your Name.
Create a praying spirit in them.
May the Bible be a dominant influence in their life.
Bless them who bless You and convict those who don’t.
Bless those who have influenced me rightly.
Create a joyful spirit in them that can only come from praying.
Create a close bond between us that creates trust.
Bless their coming and going.
Thank you for the positive influence some had on my life.
Give them a heart for godly reciprocity.
May they be understanding and supportive.
May You increase in them as they decrease
Bless the time they spend with You.
Make them strong in Your might.
Bless those who love and serve You.
Make Your word dominant in them.
Teach them to spend more time with You.
Salt their oats with your Word.
Bless their going and coming.
Guide them by Your WORD.
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7. Praying for my work/employer…
Bless my business unless you find it ungodly. In that case, help me find work that honors you.
Make me a diligent worker, one who inspires my boss and leads him to trust you.
Bless my family and other families through my business.
Use my business to glorify Your Name God, in whatever way you desire.
Give my business a firm foundation on which to grow spiritually.
Keep my employer from making mistakes that would jeopardize the employees.
Keep my boss from leading me to lie.
Multiply the harvest to yield honest profit.
Enlarge the margin while reducing the time I must spend earning it.
Help me provide for my family as You provide for me.
By Your mercy, grant us sales and honest margin.
Make my testimony clear to other workers.
May the work I do speak well of Your influence.
Protect me from creating hardship on anyone else.
May the products I produce bless others and have longevity.
Help me enjoy the tedious and reflect Jesus through my attitude.
Protect workers from harm on and off the job.
May our biz practices be honorable and fair
May it prosper to prosper others.
Fill the sales book today with blessings.
Give me grace to do what must be done.
Give them healthy and honest profit.
Use our products to bless others.
May we treat customers fairly and with respect.
Meet needs today while giving me time to relish in your Holy Word.
Shelter us under Your provision, Lord.
Proper balance with ministry.
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8. Praying for my City…
Break down every attempt of those seeking to raise revenue through unholy means.
Take my city one where truth and liberty are dominant and favoritism has no place.
Teach our leaders the godly way to act.
Give our city strong leaders with strong spiritual wisdom.
Guard our leaders from making laws that lead people to sin.
Help our leaders take care of business without compromising godly principles.
Shine in the dark places of this city to give hope to the fearful.
Restore a godly influence through godly leaders.
Defeat the effort of the ungodly to remove Your influence.
May our city not be an altar to a false god.
Protect us in our homes from drive-by violence.
Give transients a safe and comfortable place to stay tonight.
May our reputation be one that exemplifies righteousness.
Protect the employees who work in hazardous condition.
May we produce citizens who are grateful and patient.
Bless the city workers who serve in bad conditions.
May the rule of law not be prejudiced.
Surround us with favor among other cities.
Keep wicked thoughts at bay and holy desire ever before them.
Repair damaged relationships with adjoining states.
Turn back the tide of unrighteousness in us.
Protect those who work in adverse conditions to serve us.
Give us as much concern for obeying You as in following the law.
Protect drivers from danger in the street.
Turn back plans that reward wickedness and persecute the innocent.
Make sin visible to those who can’t see it.
Create unity among leaders in virtue and not sin
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9. Praying for Government Leaders…
Keep our leaders from making ungodly decisions, but lead them to be righteous instead.
Guide government leaders to do only that which Scripture teaches.
Slow the growth of evil in government and strengthen your people.
Impede the progress of those civic leaders who are unrighteous.
Give our city godly leaders upon who you have influence.
Reveal the hidden dangers in all revenue generation based on immoral activity.
Return our leaders to the godly principles our Nation’s Founders employed.
May our lawmakers have to live within the ones they make for us.
Remove the wicked from office and replace with the godly.
May they act in a way that pleases You, not men.
May they respect You who gives them power to rule.
Bring shame to those who devise destruction on our country.
May the snares the wicked set spring on themselves.
May all public officials hold a high standard of morals.
May they act out of humility and not selfish ambition.
May the choices made today honor You and not men.
Use representatives to make fair and just laws.
Productive or weed them out.
Give those who protect your Word confidence.
Meet the needs of those who serve faithfully.
Shine Light on them so laws are passed that honor You.
Grant wisdom to rule with integrity.
Keep them from abusing their offices.
Give them a virtuous accountability partner.
Crush any attempt to circumvent righteousness.
Teach them holiness and make them desirous of integrity.
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10. Praying for my Country…
May our citizens recognize the greatest patriot is the one who recognizes Jesus as Lord.
Convert our country’s patriotic “fever” to a passion for holiness under Your Banner.
God bless our country if she blesses and honors your Name.
Restore godly principles to our judicial system
Refresh our memory of the spiritual foundation upon which our country was founded.
Restore a spirit of humility that moves us closer to you, not farther.
Make righteousness look good to the purveyors of sin.
Restore our pride in our godly heritage.
Restore pride in righteousness, not ungodliness.
May we see that the Light on a shining hill is Jesus.
Give all citizens the holy desire of the Foundering Fathers.
Restore honor and integrity to all elements of our nation.
May we not be allowed to use Your Name if we fail to honor You.
Keep our eyes on Jesus as we watch out for each other.
May they work to remove all legislation that’s contradictory to our Constitution.
Bless those who have served for our freedom.
Give us leaders who pledge allegiance to You.
Keep our pride from becoming arrogance.
May the Light of your presence fill Your people and influence the destroyers.
Restore our reputation for integrity among the nations.
May we desire to correct wrong before doing anything new.
Protect those who serve to protect us.
Create in us a true spirit of patriotism.
Meet their needs to do Your work.
Protect our borders from those who intend to harm us.
Restore pride in godliness.
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11. Praying for the President…
Guard his life and protect him.
Give him wisdom to make the choices You want him to make.
Give him a tender heart of compassion for those he serves.
Protect him from arrogance that would lead him to abuse his power.
Teach him to regard life as You do.
Give him godly conviction and holy desire.
Give him courage to do the right thing even when expected to do the wrong thing.
Make his words reflective of a proud and grateful people.
Convict him of all contrary action to his Christian profession.
Protect the First Family from those who want to harm them.
Lead him in the path of Righteousness, not what he thinks right.
Keep him from straying any further from godly principles.
Desire to do the right thing for the right reason.
May his actions be consistent with the U.S. Constitution he promised to protect.
Expose all works of iniquity and convict him of sin.
Make his way parallel to Your way.
Keep his thoughts pure and his walk blameless.
May his/her spouse and children be supportive.
Break down his excuses for wrong decisions.
Fill his cup with wisdom to see as You do and not as men.
May the State of the Union reflect Your opinion and not his.
Show him Your footsteps and give him wisdom to follow The Holy Bible.
Give him hunger for righteousness.
Deliver him from opinions contrary to your Word.
Make him a man of God in spite of his tendencies.
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12. Praying for my Church…
Keep church members out of leadership who work on the basis of their own ability.
Give my fellow church members a passion to be clean and reconciled to each other.
Make our church a place where Jesus is praised, worship is predominant and open to your leading.
Teach us to seek holiness and turn from worldliness.
Humble us if we’ve taken our eyes off you and put them on men and programs.
Give our church a real desire for revival.
Expose those guilty of destroying Your work.
Make our praise consistent with our profession.
Make our holy aspiration stronger than our perspiration.
Keep us from status quo and from chasing innovation.
Make us as excited about discipleship as we are for evangelism.
Forgive us for not asking before we presume on You.
Give us discernment to see what You desire.
Measure us and trim what is superficial and hypocritical.
Give us wisdom as to how to spend Your money.
May our worship be pleasing.
Break us but don’t let us give up.
Teach us humility and convict of worldliness.
Brace us for the coming storm.
Give us direction parallel to Your’s.
Establish and extend the reach of our discipleship ministry.
Teach us reciprocity through practice.
Make true discipleship our first priority.
Give us more passion for discipleship.
Bless us so we can bless others.
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13. Praying for my Pastor…
Give my pastor the courage to shepherd the church as you would in his place.
Direct him to lead resolutely, anchored on the rock of uncompromising faith.
Bless those who shepherd rightly; keep the “rancher” mntality away from your flock.
Give my pastor strength and energy to do Your work in your power.
Make our pastor a man of prayer that leads a people of prayer.
Bless my pastor and his family as he watches the flock.
Give him desire to only preach what You want to tell us.
Give him fresh messages that come directly from You.
Give him more time with his family.
Direct his paths to find inspiration You provide.
Give him courage to do the right thing.
Care for him and let him know of your love today.
Protect him from hasty action designed to look holy.
Shelter him under Your Everlasting Arms of grace.
Bless him and all his does as he trusts in You.
Direct him to do the things You desire.
May his joy make his praise glorious.
Lead them to be praiseworthy and truthful.
May he teach only what You tell him.
Use him to bless those to whom he ministers today.
Take him where You need him.
Keep him, not only preaching prayer, but leading us to do it.
Endurance to run the race well.
Keep his eyes on what You want.
Guide him to preach what your Word does.
Show him Your glory so he can show it to us.
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14. Praying for Church Leadership…
Restore the joy of those church leaders who are serving without passion.
Teach the leaders in our church to serve faithfully, even when none one is looking.
Magnify the work of our church workers to reach your objective.
Draw all church workers to work in Your energy and not their own.
Restore the joy of those church leaders who are serving without passion.
Grant creative juice to those who assist the pastor in serving the flock.
Don’t let their fervor die when they become an employee.
May they be shepherds who minister to Your family.
Sharpen their skills through ministry and not study.
Turn our number crunching into seeking individual revival.
Take them where You lead and bless on the way.
Give them a passion for serving those normally excluded.
Lock their arms as one to stand against the enemy.
Strengthen the relationship with their wife and family.
May they seek and listen to good experienced and mature counselors.
Create wise ways for the church family to multiply.
Magnify the work that glorifies your Name.
Supportive of members and families.
Keep them from being lazy, but also from being busy.
Convert their plans into Yours.
Make the leaders accountable.
Extend the limits of their influence.
Practical ways to edify the people.
Protect their families as they’re away at work.
Develop strong godly conviction in them.
May they be supportive in everything they do.
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15. Praying for Sister Churches…
Use all the Spirit-filled churches in this area to make a real impact on the lost.
Bless those churches whose stand is uncorrupted by a world value system.
Make all our sister churches as one body doing one work.
Bless the work of discipleship and evangelism in sister churches.
Use all the Spirit-filled churches in this area to make a real impact on the lost.
Bless those pastors who are building up the church.
Grant unity to all churches in the area, based on desire to make disciples.
Multiply peace that comes through obedience.
Quieten those who create confusion in the Body.
Build the family, not Church, Inc.
Give them a joyful spirit though possibly small in number.
May the truth of Your word convict congregations today.
Teach them large faith is not reserved for large congregations.
Inspire the strong and strengthen the weak congregations.
May their needs be as important to other churches as their own.
Spread peace to quieten dissention.
Send them families to serve through ministry.
May they faithfully preach the gospel.
Bless their coming together and prosper those who bless your Name.
Turn back the work of the Destroyer.
Find the help they need and unafraid to ask for it.
Make all Your people consistent with your Word.
Meet their needs to do Your work.
Keep their congregation together in unity.
Keep members from looking for problems.
Draw people to do Your work.
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16. Praying for Persecuted Churches…
Provide the needs of persecuted brothers and keep moles away from the flock.
Protect persecuted brothers, giving them a testimony that extends around the world.
Make a way to escape for our brothers in persecution, if you can be glorified that way.
Protect those churches who suffer.
Provide the needs of persecuted brothers and keep moles away from the flock.
Protect the persecuted church from destroyers.
Give all churches the boldness to minister regardless of potential danger.
Grant them and us boldness to stand firm in faith.
Grant the congregation holy boldness.
Build up conviction of sin in those who assault.
May joy break through the dark clouds.
Break down the evil snares set for them.
Send help to reinforce the gaps in their protective walls.
Replace tears of sorrow with tears of joy.
Bless them in ways we can’t even imagine.
Heal their wounds spiritual and physical.
Draw people to faith through their sacrifice.
Give them freedom from condemnation.
Make their testimony fearless and their witness bold.
Give them joy greater than their misery.
May they find joy in being faithful.
Give them grateful hearts to serve with gladness.
Keep their congregation together in unity.
Increase their joy relative to their suffering.
Strength through their sadness.
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17. Praying for Missionaries…
Give missionaries the resources they need to do the work to which you called them.
Bless them. Meet their ministerial and personal needs to overflowing.
Provide richly their emotional, spiritual, emotional and physical needs.
Go before them in glory and behind them in power; surround them with your faithfulness.
Give them creative means to teach the Gospel that inspires a thirst for the Living Water
Meet the need of the missionaries abundantly and to overflowing.
Watch over their kids and their family removed.
Guard their hearts and lives from harm.
May the love for those they serve grow even more.
Give the missionary kids contentment and joy.
Provide their need in abundant resources.
Create opportunities for presenting the gospel to those who haven’t heard it.
Place them where you want them to do what You want, not what men want.
Give those to whom they minister a teachable spirit.
Give them what they need and what You think they need.
Clear the way for ministry in areas previously closed.
May those who hear and believe, testify.
Extend the life and affect of resources.
Bind their families together in love and service.
Direct people to them today who are looking for Hope.
Prepare the way before them.
Clarify their words to reach those who can’t understand them.
Carry them where they can’t imagine to do Your work.
Protect those who protect others.
Increase their joy relative to their suffering.
Make them resistive to traditional tendencies.
Strength with resolve.
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18. Praying for the Sick…
Restore those who are suffering from illness in a way that you receive the glory.
Sustain those on his or her sickbed.
Heal those suffering with illness in your time and in your way.
Keep their spirits high even though sickness has made them feel low.
Comfort those suffering from illness.
Relieve the pain and suffering of those who are ill today.
May all those who are sick desire wellness.
May they not lose sight of wellness.
Show them Your solution to what ails them.
Use whatever means necessary to heal them.
Keep infection away.
Turn the fever back and raise the temperature of a grateful spirit within them.
Keep them from catching infection from well-meaning visitors.
May the Holy Spirit be the antiseptic that keeps them from infection.
Reduce their dependence on meds in increase their dependence on You.
May doctors treat problems and not symptoms.
Reduce any dependence on drugs.
May their spirits be up, not down.
Help the helpless through godly counselors.
May Your Spirit comfort their fear.
Restore the joy of their salvation.
May your healing cover their true need.
Prevent their over-medication through negligence.
Don’t allow then to give up hope.
Deliver them from self-imposed spiritual illness.
May their symptoms be honest.
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19. Praying for the Lost…
Convict the lost of sin today and give them desire to do something about it.
Direct them to someone willing and ready to present the Gospel of Jesus without compromise.
Win them through the witness of your children.
Lead the lost to a believer with the words of life.
Give me boldness to speak the gospel without compromise.
Reveal your gospel through creative means to those who act like they don’t want to hear it.
Speak to those who hate and let them see Your love as we do.
Don’t let anyone escape conviction of sin.
Direct their path to someone ready to open the Door.
Make the desire of their heart eternal and not momentary.
One more day to hear and respond to the gospel.
Show someone the way to impact the resistant.
Let them feel Your love and that of the Christians around them.
Break down their objection to being proven wrong.
Show them the Way and lead them toward the Light.
Shine Light on their path.
Show them the way out of their darkness.
Let them see their true condition.
Break down resistance to Your grace.
Show them clearly Who they need.
Open their eyes to see what they lack.
May we be the Jesus the lost need to see today.
Send someone to tell the good news today.
Keep them from going where there is no hope.
Show them what they’re not looking for.
Fertilize the ground with peace.
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20. Praying for Those in Despair…
Give hope to those who may be in despair today.
Remind those in despair that it is only ignorance of God that’s hopeless.
Show those in despair the peace of trusting in Your Name.
Strengthen those who are weak and depressed.
Heal the hurt in the heart of those who have lost a loved one.
Refresh us with new insight from your Holy Word.
When there seems to be no hope, show us what You see, Lord.
May light break through their darkness.
Give them hope greater than their fear.
May the light of Hope break the chains of depression.
Brighten their day by seeing the Light you bring men.
Give them a little light to break the darkness that has them enslaved.
Don’t let them give up hope.
Replace feelings of futility with positive thoughts of victory.
May hope spring up and bring them joy.
Make the Source of Hope plain to them.
Flood their life with Your joy.
May they rejoice in You.
Show them your love in a special way today.
Expand their capacity for joy.
Give them victory today.
Deliver them who are captive to their unbelief.
Brighten their day through encouragement.
Bring them out of hopeless situations.
Brighten their day with Son-shine.
Show them hope in the dark.
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21. Praying for Those in the Hospital…
Place your hand in the gloves of the doctor(s) and nurses today.
Protect those in the hospital from infectious germs that might exasperate their condition.
Protect them from neglect and/or abuse.
Bless the physicians and care givers who listen to your instruction.
Use doctors and nurses today to do your work.
Keep them from discouragement and restore them to health as soon as possible.
Spread godly kindness through all those who serve the sick and injured.
Keep the from harm of hospital germs.
Prevent the system from inflating what they owe.
Use the care-givers to deliver Your care.
Give patients caregivers who aren’t sick.
Give the doctors the right prescription to administer.
Give the nurses and attendants clarity and good judgment.
May the frequent complainer not keep needed resources from those who aren’t.
Bless those who bless patients with genuine care and concern.
Sterilize the actions of caregivers.
May the meds and treatment affect positive change.
May patients be cooperative and patient.
Keep bad meds and methods from making things worse for patients.
Deliver them from addiction to meds.
Make their stay short and productive.
Extend the influence of those who administer proper prognosis.
Strengthen their immune system.
May their condition not worsen, but find relief.
Make their stay short and productive.
Keep them safe from harm.
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22.Praying for the Grieving…
Comfort those who grieve and build a spirit of trust in them to replace their doubts.
Give hope to those who grieve so they will know it’s purpose and not be servants to it.
Draw the fatherless to a reliance on you – our heavenly Father.
Grant hope to those in despair.
Comfort those grieving and build in them a spirit of trust to replace the doubts.
Restore those who grieve in a spirit of hope for the future based on Your Word.
Restore hope for those who have lost it and give it to those who never had it.
Keep them from dwelling on their losses.
Cancel the emotional debt they think they owe.
May they see joy through their darkened glasses.
Fill the emptiness with awareness of Your love.
Send someone to divert their preoccupation.
Carry them when they’re too weak to walk.
Show them the joy that comes in the morning.
Restore their joy through spending time with you in prayer.
Make their heart glad for what they have in You.
Direct their attention to things accompanying salvation.
Covert pain to ministry for others.
Comfort their fear wither reason to live.
Give them more Hope than yesterday.
Wash their face with Living Water.
Shine on them with mercy and grace.
Give them joy in Your plans for their life.
Bring joy into their life.
Open their eyes to see what You see.
Replace their dread with reassurance.
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23. Praying for Widows…
Take care of the widows using the Church to do the work by which you called them.
Protect the widows and provide their needs. Bless those who serve them.
Help us care for those widows who feel alone.
Supply the need of widows according to the richest of Jesus’ glory.
Give us a heart for those in need and feet to move when your Spirit moves.
Let us know when there is a need we should meet.
Comfort them if their heart is still tender having lost a mate.
Fill their missing void with the love of the Spirit.
Grant them peace.
Meet the needs they don’t know they have with more grace then they think they need.
May they see family and friends today to the point of firing.
May their memories be good and their outlook upbeat.
Make their weakness a source of strength in them today.
Send a loving person to fill the missing place in their life.
Dry their tears through knowing they’re with You.
Carry them when they can’t walk.
Bless those who have faithfully served their deceased partners.
Grow their resources.
Clothe them in Your love expressed through Your people.
Deliver them from hopelessness.
May they meet a best friend today.
Instruct Your people how best to deal with them.
Fill what’s missing in their life with Your love.
Care for them through people who love them.
Bring joy when they mourn, fulfillment when they remember.
Honor their prayer and bless them.
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24. Praying for Orphans…
Place orphans in the care of godly men and women who know you.
Let the orphans know of Your care. Bless those who care for them.
Help your people care for those orphans who feel alone.
Give orphans the peace of God that passes all understanding.
Place orphans in the care of godly men and women who know you.
Help me love an orphan today in Your Name.
Draw godly foster parents into their lives who love and serve You, God.
Remind them of your love when they’re prone to doubt.
Instill in them confidence they lack.
Show them Your love through loving adoptive parents.
Provide their needs abundantly.
Grant the godly desire of their heart today.
Don’t allow them to give up hope.
Silence the voice of abortion advocates.
Give them confidence, the kind that only comes from You.
Bless those who have faithfully served their deceased partners.
Help them with people who love You.
Give them a sense of pride in who they are.
Clothe them in Your grace.
Remind them they are Your child.
Make them a healthy self-esteem.
Deliver them from feelings of futility.
Instruct Your people how best to deal with them.
Bless them today with the hope of tomorrow.
Give them hope for adoption.
May they feel the security of knowing their Heavenly Father.
Turn back feelings of despair
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25. Praying for Myself…
Bless me with spiritual discernment and use me to help others.
Give me the confidence to speak your Word boldly today.
Use me to do your work and allow me to praise your Name once more.
Restore my soul, extend my boundaries and bless my ministry.
Magnify the work of my hands to bring glory to your Name.
Make the desires of my heart the absolute same as Yours, Father.
Help me to stand when I want to quit.
Turn my mistakes into learning experiences.
Make a way where I can’t see one now.
Give me strength and means to continue serving.
May depression not find an open door in my house.
Sharpen the tools of ministry in my possession.
Don’t let me give up running the race out of futility.
Use me today to do what You desire.
Use me to do something extraordinary today.
Open the door where previous failures have seemingly closed them.
Give me passion for your Word.
Use me anyway you will.
Give my blessing to those I serve.
This day for extending Your love to someone who doesn’t know it.
Remind me often today why I serve You.
Feed my thirst with streams of Living Water.
Use me to do great things of which I know not.
Help me be more effective helping others.
Use me to accomplish what You desire.
May I Honor You with my life.
Have Your way in my life.
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