Katherine Forrester didn’t plan on being a single parent any more than she was prepared for her husband’s premature death.  Neither was she prepared for what her job and boss expected of her as the world was coming apart at the seam and there was no one to break her fall.

What do you do when religion fails you and those friends who don’t abandon you are no where to be found?  They say the sun always rises though often behind dark clouds, but the trick is surviving long enough to see it.

As a long time teacher on the subject of eschatology, it’s not surprising my first novel would be on the end times.  Being a pastor, intercessor and disciple-maker, it’s neither surprising that each of my roles would find a different character in the book.

As for theology, I am a premillenial, pretributional rapturist, but I understand some might not share my evangelical viewpoint.  So you will find the argument for theological positions as footnotes in the book with a biblical reference in the back.

Jim Green, Author

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