D4 is short for Day Four, a term used by Fourth Day Communities, denoting the first day after an uplifting and emotional weekend.   The subtitle Fresh Start implies a point in someone’s life when they decide to do things different than they have before.

This book was written to assist someone in making disciples and help those being discipled. It’s a no-nonsense approach to the sinful nature, and how to deal with it,  like a virtual boot camp for the new believer.

My book charts the steps of spiritual decline as demonstrated by King Saul in the Old Testament.  It not only illustrates what caused his slide but reveals what he could have done to avert it. 

D4 is unusual book as the back pocket holds seven action cards that the reader can use to commit the principles to memory.  It was purposefully made short to be inexpensive and quickly read.   

You might think you’d never let things get as bad as they did for Saul, but once someone gets on a slide, they aren’t thinking of the hazards of landing.

Jim Green, Author

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