While You Can, the book
James R. Green, Author
$10 (100 pgs) – CLICK IMAGE FOR AMAZON ORDER Let’s face the fact that most of us are procrastinators by nature. This book can motivate the procrastinator in you to do things you would ordinarily leave to someone else to do.  Following the things suggested in the book, you will create a list of things to find and things to do while checking them off when they’re done. What’s at risk is a matter of life and death, if not for yourself for someone you love. This short little book has more useful data in it than anything on the market and priced so anyone can justify buying it.  You have no excuse for not owning it but neglect and that comes with a high price tag.

No one likes to think about dying, but today we are one day closer than we were yesterday.  Everyone should ensure their family is not faced with difficulties made worse by their negligence.   Think about it, someday someone will sit where you used to sit and look at the stuff you left behind the way you left it.  Are you ready for that?

This simple little book can help you avoid the most complex and life-changing horrors that come at you.  The forms you need are free for the downloading and  knowing the pitfalls of a broken heath-care system can help you gain an advantage. 

Jim Green, Author

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