08/10/19 – 10/4/19

9/30/19 (Abv) Ex 34:31
6672. Opinions mean nothing if not based on conviction. JG

10/1/19 (Abv)  Jn 16:17
6673. There is no definition of life that doesn’t include death.

10/4/19 (Abv)  Ps 41:2 
 6676. Help, more times than not, comes from where you least expect it. JG

9/26/19  (Abv) Jn 16:16
6668. I’d tell you more, but that breath could be used for something productive. JG

9/28/19 (Abv) Pr 23:6
6670. Generosity is often an easy target—one time. JG

9/29/19 (Abv) Ac 10:14
6671. It not only matters that you get there, but more so how you get there. JG

9/21/19 (Abv) Pr 23:5
6663. If dollar bills were like flypaper, maybe I could keep some. JG

9/23/19 (Abv) Ex 34:29
6665. We’re a reflection of wherever we’ve been spending our time. JG

9/25/19 (Abv) Ex 34:30
6667. We reflect the influence, positively or negatively, that people have on us. JG

9/17/19 (Abv) Jn 16:13
6659. The only thing better than knowing the future is experiencing it. JG

9/18/19 (Abv) Ex 34:28 
6660. Do yourself a favor: slow down, enjoy life—and take notes. JG

9/19/19 (Abv)  Jn 16:14
6661. I’ve already told you more than I know. JG

9/13/19 (Abv) Ps 40:16
6655. Life is but a filler between moments of God experiences. JG

9/14/19 (Abv)  Pr 23:4
6656. Being rich is the ability to enjoy what you have. JG


9/16/19 (Abv) Ex 34:27
6658. Never surrender what you’ve learned to what you might. JG

9/9/19 (Abv) Ex 34:25
6651. Completion is but a resting place to plot improvement. JG

9/11/19 (Abv) Ex 34:26
6653. Just because you haven’t heard or read it, doesn’t mean it hasn’t been.  JG

9/12/19 (Abv) Jn 16:12
6654. When reason won’t work, try being totally honest. JG

9/4/19 (Abv) Ex 34:24
6646. It may take more power to relax than it does to labor. JG

9/5/19 (Abv) Jn 16:10
6647. Friends don’t have to be with you to be with you. JG

9/6/19(Abv) Ps 40:15 
6648. Catch and release is good, especially if you’re the one that’s been caught. JG

8/29/19 (Abv) Jn 16:8
6640. Right is fixed and opposite of wrong, not a winnable argument. JG

9/2/19 (Abv)  Ex 34:23
6644. Showing requires going and hopefully knowing. JG

9/3/19 (Abv) Jn 16:9 
6645. Knowing what’s wrong comes with knowing what’s right and vice versa. JG


8/26/19 (Abv)  Ex 34:21 
6637. There is a time to work and rest, the challenge is knowing when to do what. JG

8/27/19 (Abv) Jn 16:7 
6638. Nothing moves without leaving a reminder behind. JG

8/28/19 (Abv) Ex 34:22
6639. Remember what was before what will be becomes what is. JG

8/21/19 (Abv) Ex 34:20b
6632. Who has a meeting and is the only one in attendance?  JG

8/22/19 (Abv) Jn 16:6
6633. I’m okay with change if we can do it later. JG

8/23/19(Abv) Ps 40:13
6634. Resolution is easy if someone with the problem is the problem. JG

8/17/19 (Abv) Pr 22:29
6628. Everyone does something, but not everyone accomplishes something. JG

8/18/19 (Abv) Ac 10:8
6629. Lessons take time but saves time in the end. JG

8/19/19 (Abv) Ex 34:20a
6630. Don’t lose sight where you were, lest you forget where you are. JG

8/14/19 (Abv) Ex 34:19
6625. First is a title that’s second to none.  JG

8/15/19 (Abv) Jn 16:4
6626. If I tell you, then that makes you responsible. JG

8/16/19 (Abv) Ps 40:12
6627. Courage is expired toleration. JG

8/10/19 (Abv) Pr 22:28
6621. A legacy should be independent of someone else’s. JG

8/12/19 (Abv) Ex 34:18b
6623. Everything new owes its existence to something old. JG

8/13/19 (Abv)  Jn 16:3
6624. Not choosing is. JG

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