07/1/19 – 8/9/19

8/6/19 (Abv) Jn 16:1 
6617. Bottom is where you think you’ll never be until you are. 

8/8/19 (Abv) Jn 16:2 
6619. Mirrors are made for our use and not to hold for someone else. JG

8/9/19 (Abv) Ps 40:11 
6620. Sometimes the only way to see is to close your eyes.  JG

7/31/19 (Abv) Ex 34:16
6611. There are no variations of right and wrong. JG

8/1/19 (Abv) Jn 15:27
6612. First impressions are good but last impressions are what stick. JG

8/3/19 (Abv) Pr. 22:27 
6614. Credit is only as good as your ability to not need it. JG

7/28/19 (Abv) Ac 10:5 NLT
6608. Home is the rest stop between coming and going. JG

7/29/19 (Abv) Ex 34:15
6609. Compromise is the price of having wrong friends. JG

7/30/19 (Abv) Jn 15:26
6610. There is no sin in being reminded but there is in ignoring it. JG

7/25/19 (Abv) Jn 15:25
6605. Quitting is not finishing except in the eye of the coward. JG

7/26/19 (Abv) Ps 40:9
6606. If tomorrow I cannot speak, I shall not waste this day in silence. JG

7/27/19 (Abv) 22:26
6607. If you think nothing can go wrong, it just did.  JG

7/19/19 (Abv) Ps 40:8
6599. Doing what I ought is not for naught if I do what I’ve been taught. JG

7/23/19(Abv) Jn 15:24 
6603. Most results are not indicative of the true potential. JG

7/24/19 (Abv) Ex 34:14
6604. Worship is not just being with someone but desiring them above everything else. JG

7/16/19 (Abv) Jn 15:22 
6596. It takes longer to retrain someone than to train them. JG

7/17/19 (Abv) Ex 34:12
6597. Not everyone in a mess believes they’re in one. JG

7/18/19 (Abv) Jn 15:23
6598. The shadow of the Cross can cover any shade of bad.  JG

7/12/19 (Abv) Ps 40:7
6592. It’s one thing to be invited, another to show up. JG

7/14/19 (Abv) Ac 10:3
6594. There’s a reason the way we were is not the way we is.  JG

7/15/19 (Abv)  Ex 34:11 
6595. Doing something the first time requires listening to instruction more than once. JG

7/9/19 (Abv) Jn 15:20
6589. Reminding you is dependent upon someone reminding me. JG

7/10/19  (Abv) Ex 34:10b 
6590. Power is invisible until it makes something else visible. JG

7/11/19 (Abv) Jn 15:21
6591. Rejection is not always objectionable. JG

7/5/19 (Abv) Ps 40:6 
6585. Anything done to be seen has failed before it starts. JG

7/6/19 (Abv) Pr 22:22
6586. Why gamble to find money I’m going to lose? JG

7/8/19 (Abv) Ex 34:10a

7/1/19 (Abv) Ex 34:8
6581. Proper perspective is illusive to those who are excusive. JG

7/2/19 (Abv) Jn 15:18
6582. Association with disassociation will disassociate your association. JG

7/4/19 (Abv) Jn 15:19
6584. Some things require breaking to be repaired. JG

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