06/4/19 – 6/30/19

6/28/19 (Abv) Ps 40:5 
6578. The winner of a race doesn’t always finish first. JG

6/29/19 (Abv) Pr 22:21
6579. I would tell you, but I’ve already told you more than I know. JG

6/30/19 (Abv) Ac 10:1 
6580. Providence does not lead to a dead end. JG

6/25/19 (Abv) Jn 15:16
6575. Sweet becomes sweeter when it’s shared. JG

6/26/19 (Abv) Ex 34:7b
6576Momentary indiscretion can result in a lifetime of recollection and payment. JG

6/27/19 (Abv)  Jn 15:17
6577Duty is like love without the joy. JG

6/22/19(Abv) Pr. 22:20 
6572. Very little of what’s said is worthy of ink—or proportional font. JG

6/23/19(Abv) Ac 9:43
 6573. I have no problem waiting—for a while. JG

6/24/19(Abv) Ex 34:7a 
6574. Ignorance may not be an excuse, but it does explain a lot. JG

6/19/19 (Abv) Ex 34:6
 6569. If it weren’t so plain to see, I’d have an excuse. JG

6/20/19 (Abv) Jn 15:15
6570. If I knew why you’re saying that, my argument might be more persuasive. JG

6/21/19 (Abv)  Ps 40:4
6571. It’s mental surrender to quote someone other than the Holy Spirit. JG

6/13/19 (Abv) Jn 15:13
6563. Love is the willingness to lose yourself in a cause. JG

6/15/19 (Abv) Pr 22:19 
6565. Trust is doubt in the process of disappearing. JG

6/18/19 (Abv)  Jn 15:14
6568. Some people snooze, others booze but only a few choose to do. JG

6/10/19 (Abv) Ex 34:3
6560. Not everything that can be stretched should be. JG

6/11/19 (Abv) Jn 15:12 
6561. Knowing how to do something doesn’t mean you will. JG

6/12/19 (Abv) Ex 34:4
6562. If you seek to know everything before you do anything, you’ll never do nothing. JG

6/7/19 (Abv) Ps 40:2
6557. Success is most often found in the boneyard of failure. JG

6/8/19(Abv) Pr 22:18
6558. We prove the value of something by the way we regard it. JG

6/9/19(Abv) Ac 9:41 
6559. Miracles are measured against things we think aren’t. JG

6/4/19 (Abv) Jn 15:10
6554. Demonstration, on a working product, is the best way to sell something. JG

6/5/19 (Abv)  Ex 34:2
6555.  Readiness is where determination meets exertion. JG

6/6/19 (Abv) Jn 15:11
6556. If joy were likened to an object, it would be a rocking chair. JG

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