03/31/19 – 6/3/19

5/31/19 (Abv)  Ps 40:1 
6550. Preparation is the most important part of any trip. JG

6/1/19(Abv) Pr. 22:17
6551. What good is it to know something you never apply and tend to forget? JG

6/3/19 (Above) Ex 34:1 
6553. Take note where you go in life so you can go back and find your way. JG

5/28/19 (Abv) Jn 15:8
6547.  When something is 99.9% done, there’s still work to do. JG

5/29/19 (Abv)  Ex 33:23
6548. Facial recognition might get you in, but it may not keep you in. JG

5/30/19 (Abv) Jn 15:9
6549. Being a good parent is the fruition of living a grateful life. JG

5/23/19  (Abv) Jn 15:7 
6542. When we fail to do what we ought, we’ll never know what we missed. JG

5/24/19 (Abv) Ps 39:13 
6543. A good way to know right is recognize wrong and do the opposite. JG

5/25/19  (Abv)  Pr. 22:16 
6544.  Poverty comes in two flavors, monetary and character.  JG

5/20/19 (Abv) Ex 33:20
6539. What we see should complement what we hear and not compete with it. JG

5/21/19(Abv)  Jn 15:6
6540. We prove what we love by where we spend our free time.  JG

5/55/29 (Abv)  Ex 33:21
6541. Only in God can you stand and kneel at the same time.  JG

5/16/19  (Abv)  Jn 15:5
6535. Connection is required for any throughput. JG

5/17/19 (Abv)  Ps 39:12
6536. Anyone saying everything is okay is either lying, ignorant or both. JG

5/18/19 (Abv)  Pr 22:15 
 6537. Anyone who mocks loving discipline is proof that it’s needed. JG

5/13/19 (Abv) Ex 33:18 NLT
6532. Enduring change is evidence we have supernatural help. JG

5/14/19 (Abv) Jn 15:4
6533. Essence remains a part of what made it, regardless where it goes.  JG

5/15/19 (Abv)  Ex 33:19
6534. The things we pass often become the things that last. JG

5/9/19 (Abv) Jn 15:3 
6528. What good is a do-over if you don’t learn anything? JG

5/10/19 (Abv) Ps 39:11
6529. Time is both highly relished and easily relinquished. JG

5/11/19 (Abv)  Pr 22:14
6530. Every trap has a welcome mat that looks inviting. JG

5/5/19  (Abv) Ac 9:36
6524. No one knows what you’re thinking unless you tell them. JG

5/6/19 (Abv) Ex 33:16
6525. What sets something apart is the desire to be set apart. JG

5/7/19 (Abv)  Jn 15:2
6526. Who puts plastic fruit on the table when you have the real thing?  JG

5/2/19 (Abv) Jn 15:1
6521. Most churches grow weeds that look like grass but much heartier. JG

5/3/19 (Abv) Ps 39:10
6522. Persistence is a beginning without an ending. JG

5/4/19 (Abv) Pr 22:13
6523. It’s what we don’t hear that should concern us most. JG

4/29/19  (Abv) Ex 33:14
6518. You don’t have to see electricity to benefit from it.  JG

4/30/19 (Abv) Jn 14:31
6519. What I will do today will either prove or disprove what I say. JG

5/1/19  (Abv) Ex 33:15
 6520.  Every life is a story, good or bad, everyone a work in progress. JG

4/23/19  (Abv)  Jn 14:29
6512. You know you’re old when the table talk is about what you can’t do anymore. JG

4/24/19 (Abv)  Ex 33:13
6513. Don’t doubt yourself—unless you have reason. JG

4/25/19 (Abv) Jn 14:30 
6514.  Don’t presume you’ll be around just because someone else will. JG

4/20/19  (Abv)  Ps 39:8 
6509. I’m not as troubled over politicians as those who elect them to office. JG

4/21/19 (Abv)  Ac 9:34
6510. Anything worth doing comes with temptation, resolve and sacrifice. JG

4/22/19 (Abv) Ex 33:12 
6511. The things we do for love provide the energy we need to do it. JG

4/16/19 (Abv)   Jn 14:27 
6505. Not knowing what to expect is what makes life exciting. JG

4/17/19 (Abv)  Ex 33:11 
6506. Make the most of what you have and find it’s more than enough.  JG

4/18/19 (Abv) Jn 14:28
6507. Parting is sweet sorrow, but only if a reunion is planned.  JG

4/12/19 (Abv) Ps 39:7 
6501. What I put first in my life dictates what I don’t. JG

4/13/19 (Abv) Pr. 22:10
6502. The quietest person in the room speaks louder than the noisiest.  JG

4/15/19 (Abv)  Ex 33:10
6504.  Showing respect is the handshake before the handshake. JG

4/9/19 (Abv) Jn 14:25
6498. Best intentions provide closure for failure. JG

4/10/19 (Abv) Ex 33:09
6499. Anticipation is a vital element of realization. JG

4/11/19 (Abv) Jn 14:26 
6500. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there.  JG

4/6/19  (Abv)  Pr 22:9 
 6495. Some need reminding but only the reluctant need motivation. JG

4/7/19 (Abv)  Ac 9:32 
6496. Spend time with people you don’t know and find out you do.  JG

4/8/19 (Abv) Ex 33:08
6497.  You can watch someone better by watching whom it is they follow. JG

4/3/19  (Abv)  Ex 33:07
6492. Finding peace and quiet is a relationship, not a place. JG

4/4/19 (Abv) Jn 14:24 
6493. I have plenty to say but my pen is out of ink. JG

4/5/19 (Abv) Ps 39:6
6494.  Life is like a bag of M&Ms, you eat one and all of a sudden, the bag is empty.  JG

03/31/19  (Abv) Ac 9:31
6489.  Cancer should dispel the idea that all growth is good. JG

4/1/19 (Abv) Ex 33:06 
6490. I haven’t done anything stupid today, but make that assumption.  JG

4/2/19 (Abv) Jn 14:23
6491. What I will do today far outweighs what I will say.  JG

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