12/19/18 – 2/5/19

2/2/19 (Abv) Pr. 21:31 
6432. Work defined the tool which defines the work. JG

2/4/19 (Abv) Ex 32:25
6434.  It’s unlikely someone will change who sees no problem in what they did. JG

2/5/19 (Abv) Jn 14:7
6435. It’s easier to ignore someone  than admit you don’t know their name. JG

1/29/19 (Abv) Jn 14:5
6428. Results come as desire is fueled by determination. JG

12/31/19 (Abv)  Jn 14:6
6430. Too often my best intention is subdued by my lack of attention.  JG

2/1/19 (Abv) Ps 38:19 
6431. Change is like a rotated tire that gives a problem a new perspective.  JG

1/25/19 (Abv) Ps 38:18
6424. I bet another round awaits my completed round to it. JG

1/26/19 (Abv) Pr. 21:30
6425. I thought I knew before I didn’t and tried again.  JG

1/28/19 (Abv) Ex 32:23
6427. Waiting is time afforded to prepare, not plot an alternate course. JG

1/21/19 (Abv) Ex 32:21 
6420. My life is the sermon, anything I preach is elaboration. JG

1/22/19 (Abv) Jn 14:3
6421. Anything worth doing is worth waiting.  JG

1/24/19 (Abv) Jn 14:4
6423. Who walks in the direction they’re not going? JG

1/18/19 (Abv) Ps 38:17
6417.  Nothing is so dark that something can’t brighten it a little.  JG

1/19/19 (Abv)  Pr. 21:29
6418. Most conversations are one person talking and another trying not to yawn. JG

1/20/19  (Abv) Ac 9:21
6419. I’d rather go slower than seem efficient and cause havoc. JG

1/15/19 (Abv)  Jn 14:1
6414. Fear is a reminder of our vulnerability in the face of trouble. JG

1/16/19 (Abv) Ex 32:20
6415. The greatest challenge in life is acting contrary to the way you are. JG

1/17/19 (Abv)  Jn 14:2
6416. Trust comes from experience more than hope. JG

1/11/19 (Abv)  Ps 38:16
6410. No offense taken does not excuse offense given. JG

1/12/19 (Abv) Pr 21:28
6411. It’s one thing to be asked for your opinion, another to offer it. JG

1/14/19 (Abv)  Ex 32:19
6413. When disgust leads to anger, we lose our right to be disgusted. JG

1/7/19 (Abv) Ex 32:17
6406. Sound is like faith in that it’s obviously linked to a source. JG

1/8/19 (Abv) Jn 13:37
6407. If thinking about exercise was exercise, I’d be in shape right now. JG

1/9/19 (Abv) Ex 32:18
6408. Tolerance, but for a moment, is like surrender which leads to submission. JG 

12/4/19 (Abv) Ps 38:15
6403. You might want to consider all the options before you lose them. JG

1/5/19 (Abv) Pr 21:27
6404. I’m still paying for free cups of coffee.  JG

1/6/19 (Abv) Ac 9:19
6405. Losing weight is easy. I’ve noticed I’m not eating when I’m asleep.  JG

12/31/18 (Abv) Ex 32:15
6399. Resources should be used and shared rather than stored to rot. JG

1/2/19 (Abv)  Ex 32:166401. The truth can be simplified but should never be trivialized. JG

12/3/19 (Abv) Jn 13:36
6402. One point is accessible to an infinite number of lines. I think I’ve traversed them all. JG

12/27/18 (Abv)  Jn 13:34
6395. If love is one end, then hate is the other and tolerance the gap. JG

12/28/18 (Abv) Ps 38:14
6396.   A message makes presentation and mechanics a bridge.  JG

12/30/18 (Abv) Ac 9:18
6398. Change is what we don’t think we need but do desperately.  JG 

12/24/18 (Abv)  Ex 32:13
6392.  Progress is a product of more forward execution than backward hesitation.  JG

12/25/18 (Abv)  Jn 13:33
6393.  Delay has travel companions named lazy and lost.  JG

12/26/18  (Abv)  Ex 32:14
6394.  Potential is but a means to criticize something or somebody.  JG

12/19/18  – Present

12/19/18  (Abv) Ex 32:12
6387. Success keeps me from moping and others from gloating. JG

12/20/18 (Abv) Jn 13:32
6388.  Seems to me sooner than later is better than later than sooner. JG

12/22/18 (Abv) 6390. Playing a sport is like life; you play to win but learn to lose.  JG

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