11/3/18  –  12/18/18

12/16/18 (Abv)  Ac 9:16
6384. If seeing is believing, then I have surely lost all my excuses. JG

12/17 (Abv)  Ex 32:11
6385. Obedience, unlike compliance, demands a quick response and good attitude. JG


12/18 (Abv)  Ex 32:12
6387. Success keeps me from moping and others from gloating. JG

12/13 (Abc) Jn 13:30
6381. If I could choose what to worry about, it would be worry itself. JG

12/14 (Abv) Ps 38:12
6382. Those who criticize others don’t deserve being proven right. JG

12/15/18 (Abv) Pr. 21:25
6383. Life is a gift of time and opportunity. JG

12/10 (Abv)  Ex 32:9
6378. Life can feel like a carousel of broken things we thought we fixed. JG

12/11 (Abv)  Jn 13:29
6379. I’m not sure what you heard is what I thought I said. JG

12/12 (Abv) Ex 32:10
6380. The worst misuse of power is to have it and not use it for good. JG

12/4 (Abv) Jn 13:27 
6372. Bad follows good, leads to worse and parks at a dead end. JG

12/5 (Abv) Ex 32:8
6373. A wise person prepares for trouble before it comes. JG

12/9 (Abv) Ac 9:15
6377. Nothing I do for good can equal what was done for me by someone else. JG

11/29/18 (Abv) Jn 13:26
6367. One demonstration does more than a lifetime of preaching. JG

11/30 (Abv) Ps 38:10
6368. Getting old is not so bad if you live to see it. JG

12/3 (Abv) Ex 32:7
6371. Some may see what I will today, but none from my perspective. JG

11/25/18 (Abv) Ac 9:13
6363. It’s rumored that I associate with bad people, but you’re not that bad. JG

11/27/18 (Abv) Jn 13:25
6365. Going outside the boundary is fine—unless you get lost. JG

11/28/18 (Abv) Ex 32:6
6366. The early bird gets the worm and shows the late bird where to look. JG

11/21/18  (Abv) Ex 32:4b
6359.  It’s impossible to defeat an enemy I won’t acknowledge. JG

11/22/18  (Abv)  Jn 13:24
6360. Anticipation makes slow beginnings tolerable.  JG

11/24/18 (Abv) Pr 21:22
6362. One friend is worth more than countless associations. JG

11/17/18  (Abv) Pr 21:21
6355. To follow something, you must keep it in sight. JG

11/19/18  (Abv) Ex 32:4
6357. What I do with what I have defines who or what I serve. JG

11/20/18  (Abv)  Jn 13:23
6358. Close is a relative term based on not so. JG

11/14/18 (Abv) Ex 32:3
6352. It’s amazing how much something free can cost. JG

11/15/18 (Abv)  Jn 13:22
 6353. I’m sure I know, I just can’t remember. JG

11/16/18  (Abv)  Ps 38:8
6354.  I’d groan but that would take energy I don’t have. JG

11/11/18 (Abv) Ac 9:11
6348. Forgive me for my get up and go got and went—without me. JG

11/12/18 (Abv) Ex 32:2
6350. I might be rich if cash weren’t green but yellow for slow down. JG

11/13/18 (Abv) Jn 13:21
6351. Friends are made to endure fiery trial, not cause it. JG

11/8/18 (Abv)  Jn 13:20
6346. Compliance to a chain of command takes pressure off those under it. JG

11/9/18 (Abv) Ps 38:7
6347. Physical therapy doesn’t help spiritual affliction. JG

11/10/18 (Abv) Pr 21:20 
6348. The mind is a vast treasury of untold stories getting dimmer. JG

11/6/18 (Abv)  Jn 13:19
6344. Today will prove that yesterday was not a fluke. JG

11/7/18 (Abv) Ex 32:1
6345. Creativity is born in a void of impatience. JG

11/7/18 Abv)
Jim explains the relevance of videotionals to Scriptural teaching.

11/3/18  (Abv)  Ac 9:10
6341. Anger is a symptom of a failing relationship. JG

11/4/18  (Abv)  Ac 9:10
6342. Character is formed in public but proven when alone. JG

11/5/18  (Abv) Ex 31:18 
 6343. Recording what was requires a pen, what may a pencil.  JG

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