9/9/18  –  11/2/18

11/2/18 (Abv)  Ps 38:6
6340. Dread is an force that knows what I like and tempts me with it. JG

10/31/18  (Abv) Ex 31:17
6338. We must know what rest is before we can find it. JG

10/30/18 (Abv) Jn 13:17
6337. Knowing and doing is like believing and proving.   

10/29/18 (Abv) Ex 31:16
6336. What good is doing something we don’t intend to finish?

10/28/18 (Abv) Ac 9:9
6335. Giant leaps forward include periodic steps backward. JG

10/27/18 (Abv) Pr 21:18
6334. Stupid is asking people to throw rocks and standing in the line of fire.  JG

10/26/18 (Abv) Ps 38:5
6333. There’s no reason to make life harder, it will do that for you.  JG

10/25/18 (Abv) Jn 13:16
6332. Initiative can lead to advancement, predicament or both. JG

10/24/18 (Abv) Ex 31:15
6331. When, where and how are secondary to Who and why I do whatever. JG

10/23/18 (Abv) Jn 13:15
6330. Emulation is the stimulation of imagination and affirmation. JG

10/22/18 (Abv) 
6329. Respect is the way obedience finds fruition. JG

10/21/18 (Abv) Ac 9:8
6328. Procrastination is really fear disguised as lazy. JG

10/20/18 (Abv) Pr 21:17
6327. Pleasure comes after having done our best, we can rest. JG

10/19/18 (Abv) Ps 38:4 
 6326.  Wrong doing is the elephant in the room you can’t see until it’s on your head. JG

10/18/18 (Abv) Jn 13:14
 6325. Payback is a fact of life, so why not start the process by doing good? JG

10/17/18 (Abv) Ex 31:12-13
6324. There should be space between us and evil, but not so much we lose sight of it. JG

10/16/18 (Abv) ” Jn 13:13
6323. Using someone’s name shows them you care to know it. JG

10/15/18 (Abv) Ex 31:6b
6322. Ability is worthless without availability. JG

10/14/18 (Abv) Ac 9:7 
6321. The most profound messages are not loud if even audible. JG

10/13/18 (Abv) Pr 21:16
6320. Turning around depends on having the opportunity and desiring it. JG

10/12/18 (Abv) Ps 38:3
6319. Forgiveness is the only medicine for remorse. JG

10/11/18 (Abv) Jn 13:12
6318. Most people are oblivious to the obvious. JG

10/10/18 (Abv) Ex 31:6
6317. Everything we do reflects on the source of our inspiration. JG

10/9/18 (Abv) Jn 13:11
6316. Sometimes you just don’t know what you know, you know? JG


10/8/18 (Abv) Ex 31:3-5
6315. A good resume is knowing what not to report. JG

10/7/18 (Abv) Ac 9:6
6314. I may not know what to do but I know Who does. JG

10/6/18 (Abv) Pr 21:15
6313. What we do doesn’t require explanation unless it’s the wrong thing. JG

10/5/18 (Abv) Ps 38:2
6312. Words are like a boomerang that come home to take effect. JG

10/4/18 (Abv) Jn 13:10
6311. Use you time wisely because you won’t be what you was. JG

10/3/18 (Abv) Ex 31:1-2
6310. Life is not a shoehorn but a blank canvas and a paint brush. JG

10/2/18 (Abv) Jn 13:9
6309. Misdirection works both ways. JG

10/1/18  (Abv) Ex 30:38
6308. There’s no room for self-gratification in a family. JG

9/30/18 (Abv) Pr 21:14
6307. Pain goes a long way in correcting wrong action. JG

9/29/18 (Abv) Pr 21:14
A person who gives sets a pattern for those who come behind.

9/24/18 (Abv)  Ex 30:36
6304. Compromise becomes defeat if you surrender conviction. JG

9/23/18 (Abv) Pr 21:13
6302. What comes around should be a lesson and not a warning. JG

9/22/18 (Abv) Pr 21:13
6302. What comes around should be a lesson and not a warning. JG

9/21/18 (Abv) Ps 37:40
6301. Warning signs are only good if you see them and pay attention. JG

9/20/18 (Abv) Jn 13:6
6300. A question is an objection when you already know the answer. JG

9/19/18 (Abv) Jn 13:5
6299. Clean has little to do with outward appearance. JG

9/18/18 (Abv) Jn 13:5
6298. More time is wasted waiting for what’s not coming than we realize. JG

9/17/18 (Abv) Ex 30:34
6297. A perfect mixture blends and mutes individual components. JG

9/16/18 (Abv)   Ac 9:3

6296. Encounters are pivot points on the seesaw of life. JG

9/15/18 (Abv) Pr 21:12
6295. If you plan to lose, go ahead and work on your excuse now. JG

9/14/18  (Abv)  Ps 37:39
6294. Trouble has many names, but salvation has but one. JG

9/13/18 (Abv)  ” Jn 13:3-4
6293. What I did can’t be undone, but what I need to do can. JG

9/12/18  (Abv) Ex 30:33
6292. It’s unrealistic to expect something of others we don’t expect of ourselves. JG

9/11/18 (Abv) ” Jn 13:2
6291. Intention seems like personal liberty until it steals yours. JG

9/10/18 (Abv)  Ex 30:32
6290. Different isn’t necessarily better, but better is definitely different. JG

9/9/18 (Abv)  Ac 9:1-2
6289. The difference between my way or the highway is one has a map and rest stops. JG

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